The Blueberry Chronicles Part III: The Blueberry Project

The Return of Dr. Berry

So, this brings me to today. Now that Marijuana is legal here in Minnesota, it’s time for a rebirth. Time to bring back that old school berry vibe. To do that we must go hunting - pheno hunting that is.

Through my experience and research it appears that the real-deal Blueberry phenotype of the late 90’s early 00’s may or may not still exist in the wild. There are rumors that the special cut is still running in small circles in the Pacific Northwest. According to some craft growers it was lost to breeders that were creating seeds that bred out the mutants. Blueberry being an example where the mutants end up being better than the non-mutants. The mutant genes were key in providing the intense terpene profile it once had!

What About Today’s Blueberry?

Blueberry offerings of today are simply just another strain.... that 90’s Blueberry tasted so intensely of blueberry that it was unmistakable! I’ve personally seen and tried multiple versions of Blueberry and they were all good, just lacking that intense flavor and smell that us Blueberry lovers long for.

Open Season

I have a lead on several different seed packs that I will be purchasing that may contain magic beans. Of course, I’d like to find the exact expression of Blueberry that I had 20 years ago, but I would be content in finding something similar or even completely new. 

That being said, I will be starting:The Blueberry Project

Since we can only grow 8 plants legally, I hope to have several growers join me in the search. If you are interested in being a part of the project, I will be selling packs of seeds to people that want to join in. I also have a cloning machine and can take clones of all the females (or you can) and we can share them amongst project members if we find a special keeper.

We may or may not be able to find the Loch Ness Monster of marijuana, but we can sure try!

Time to pop some packs and grow some plants!

 Let’s party like it’s 1999!