Our Story 

What started out as guerilla growing in the woods and swamps of Minnesota has transformed into a lifelong quest to grow top-shelf craft cannabis. At Metro Home Grow we have decades of experience growing marijuana indoors and outdoors and want to share that knowledge and expertise with those who want to grow their own cannabis. We currently specialize in soil-based grows but will be adding a hydroponic expert to the team. 

Our Mission 

Metro Home Grow is here to help guide you on your cultivation journey. We offer grow room design and tent build outs, and we offer all of our clients ongoing guidance and support to help ensure a successful harvest. If you live in the great state of Minnesota and you're looking to grow some killer bud, then you've come to the right place! 

DJ Short Blueberry

"Blueberry" Photo by JD Short

Why Metro Home Grow?

It’s likely that you can learn a lot on your own from books and the internet. You can spend months reading about the best lights, the best nutrients, and the best techniques. And after all this, you may be even more intimidated than when you started. There is a hodgepodge of information out there, many different methods, and varying opinions about how to best grow the plant. Often times, these suggestions are overly-complex for first time growers and not sensitive or aware of individual budget, time, and space constraints. One advantage of our program is that you will receive information with a personal touch, in a logical, organized, and distilled manner. 

We see our services as supplementary to your self-education, not necessarily a replacement for it. By giving clients the fundamentals, the basics of growing marijuana, we are setting them up with the foundation they need to adequately prepare for their first grow.  But we don't just give you the fundamentals, we also give you some advanced growing techniques to help you maximize your skills.

In using this service, we promise you that the program will pay for itself over and over again. This is because we will fast forward past all the trials and tribulations we experienced as a new grower many years ago and get right to getting great quality and great yields on your very first harvest! 

We hope you join us on this journey!