Tent Builds 

Why Use Grow Tents?

If you want to grow plants to their optimal potential in terms of quality and quantity, controlling your environment is paramount. 

Here are some of the key reasons why many indoor home grows are now done inside of a tent: 

Control of Environment

Having your temperature and humidity at optimal levels drives vigorous plant growth. With an app and a controller box you can check on and adjust your tent's ecosystem with ease. 

Reduction of Plant Odors 

Carbon filters ensure your smells stay in your tent.

Best Use of Lighting

Lighting gets optimized and more efficient as it bounces off the reflective grow tent walls and onto your plants. 

Reduce Infestations

A sealed tent means less bugs! You decide what enters and what doesn't. 

During your initial  consultation we will recommend certain tents based on your preferences and our experience. We have a lot of experience setting them up and installing the necessary equipment. Many of our grow room installs involve tent builds where typically 1-2 tents are setup. Typically one for the vegetative state, and one for the flowering state. Some clients run both cycles through the same tent. 

Tents aren't necessary if you have a spare room you want to completely dedicate to growing or you aren't concerned about containing the smell.  

While a basic grow tent might only cost a couple hundred bucks, you can plan on spending $1000-$1500 per complete setup (tent, lights, fans, ventilation, soil, nutrients, misc.).

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