The Blueberry Chronicles Part I: Game Changer

By Dr. Berry

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a magical plant. A plant that was like no other; a plant that would forever impact those that were lucky enough to be blessed with its presence. This was the stuff of legends; this was: Blueberry.

DJ Short Blueberry Marijuana

In The Beginning 

I was first introduced to the Berries one special summer night in the year 2000 with a group of people at a friend’s house. Now, I was no stranger to good bud, but man this stuff was different. It was lavender blue in color, with a rich blueberry taste that would overpower you and stick to the roof of your mouth. You could have a Marlboro and a Mountain Dew and still taste this shit. Not to mention it was the perfect high and made the room smell fabulous.

Of course, I had to have more of this stuff, as I was always looking for the best weed out there. Eventually, I was able to get a small amount from the lady who had it, but since this was a friend of a friend it wasn’t a regular thing.

Then one day I was driving to my house (out in the country), and to my surprise I saw her driving by. I quickly turned my truck around and gave chase. After a few miles, we came up to an intersection and I pulled up next to her and started waving my hands franticly, and she pulled over. We chatted for a bit, and she gave me her number. The rest is history.   

The Hookup 

I remember standing at her front door and was just about to knock when I got a huge whiff of what smelled like a dead skunk that someone sprayed blueberry perfume on. There was no hiding this smell.

She would sell ounces for $400 across the board. No deals. And you didn’t ask for one. Now, I had never paid that much for a zip before. $350 was about as high as I had paid. But this bud was different. This stuff was so good you could smoke it 5 days off the plant. It pretty much single-handedly raised the price of “kind bud” from $100 to $120 a quarter in my area. A new level was born.

I thought I remember her saying something about her friends going to Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup and getting the seeds there. This was around the time when DJ Short (the creator of Blueberry) collaborated with Dutch Passion and Blueberry won Best Indica at the Cannabis Cup in 2000. This herb had pockets of the country in a craze around the turn of the century.

It didn’t take me long to realize she was not just selling it, but she was growing it as well. This lady wasn’t just good at growing pot though, she grew award winning tomatoes as well. She sure had a green thumb.

DJ Short Cannabis Cup Winner

The Legend is Born 

Eventually when I had the space to grow, I ended up getting clones of the Blueberry and Scheherazade from her and giving it a shot. Now my fingers might not have been quite as green as hers, but I had tried my hand at growing before and have a background in landscaping. Blueberry was such a unique strain to grow, in that it grows like a vine and sometimes only has 3 leaves instead of your typical 5. The first time I grew it it turned out pretty good. The second time I grew it, it turned out amazing. I let it flower a week longer this time and magic happened - she turned lavender blue! Boy was she was a head turner. 

Mine had now turned out as good as hers was in my eyes. To my friends it became known as “his” and “hers” when sharing the Berries and the Scheherazade. I know this story is about the Blueberry, but it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the “Zad” and the Pepper Jack. A couple of amazing strains of the time. I'm pretty sure we were the only ones in the world to have the Pepper Jack at that time, which was an accidental cross of Jack Herer and Scheherazade. Now my berries might have had a little different smell profile than hers, but it was pretty much the same - super dank, intense blueberry flavor profile with a very slight hashy, earthy undertone. The best weed I had ever smoked, bar none. Gravity (strain) may have hit you harder, but Blueberry was magical. The smell, the lip-smacking TASTE, the stickiness, the perfect bowl-sized buds.  

My grow game was dialed in now. Time for Round 3. Ding Ding.

Everything was going as planned, and I even added a new classic strain “Bubblegum” to the fold. After I harvested the Blueberry, I would hang them in my bedroom closet to dry. The smell would fill up the whole house with aromas of blueberry muffins and fresh skunks.

Ahh, life was good. Almost time to enjoy the fruits of my labor I thought… when there was a knock at the door.

To be continued…